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About this website

This website was built by Melissa 2000 (me) and it's primary purpose is to host all my projects in one place. It also contains a blog that will mostly be about programming subjects.

Where will all projects be linked

All projects will be found on the blogs section of the page. Blogs will be categorized and one of the categories will be "Projects". in that category all projects will be shortly explained and linked.

If you want a website...

You want a cool looking website but don't have the skills to do it or need help? You can employ me! I can work with PHP, Node and Python on backend and JS, HTML and CSS on frontend. I can build business websites, blogging websites and more for as little as $20. I can also work on bigger websites, but payment for those will be discussed in private. In case you want me to make a big website, I ought to point out that I also have school and other responsibilities during the week which might delay my work for a bit (although I will do my best to finish before the deadline).

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